The City of Danville Municipal Utilities consists of five different divisions. Each division is responsible for a section of the overall utility system.

The City of Danville Stormwater Utility was formed on January 1, 2008. This department maintains and improves the Stormwater System within the City of Danville. These duties include:

  • Maintenance activities on existing infrastructure such as inlets, pipes, culverts, and detention basins
  • Interacting with the State Division of Water to keep the City in compliance with its Stormwater Permit
  • Managing the design and construction of capital improvements

Water Treatment
When water pumped from the pump station reaches the filtration plant, chemicals are added to it in the flash mix. These chemicals aid in coagulation and flocculation, control corrosion of pipes, reduce organics, and benefit dental health. After the chemicals are added, the water is slowly stirred by sets of flocculators that decrease in speed along the treatment path, allowing particles in the water to stick together and sink to the bottom of the settling basins. The water is then filtered by nine high-rate, dual media filters which we currently use to filter up to eight million gallons per day.

The Danville Water Treatment Plant, constructed in 1924, treats water pumped from Herrington Lake by way of a pump station located near Gwinn Island Marina that was constructed in 1935. Over the years the original treatment plant has been upgraded several times to reach its current treatment capacity of 10 million gallons per day.

Danville Water Works Water Quality Report 2020
Water Quality Report for 2020

Water Distribution
The City of Danville Water Distribution System, dating back to the late 1800s, is made up of approximately 265 miles of water mains that serves more than 11,200 customers and provides water to four water districts.

The Water Distribution Department has 11 full time employees who are responsible for maintenance, making taps, reading meters, work orders, and service requests.

This Department is currently active in a meter change out program where new meters are being installed for an automated meter reading system (AMR). This system adds a meter and a transmitter into the meter pit. The transmitter sends a radio signal with the meter reading to a receiver that is located in a vehicle which records the reading on a computer.

This takes out the human factor when reading the water meter and also shortens the amount of time it takes to get the meters read.

Wastewater Rehabilitation
The Wastewater Rehabilitation and Collection Department for the City of Danville is responsible for maintaining the sewer lines and sewer lift stations of Danville, Perryville, and Junction City. The activities include rodding and flushing sewer lines. Inspecting mains and service lines and address problems found. This department also maintains the lift stations that pump sewage to one of the city's treatment plants.

Wastewater Treatment
The Wastewater Filtration Department is located at the Wastewater Filtration Plant. At this location sanitary wastewater is separated into water to be released into the natural water system and a treatment byproduct that can be used for fertilization on the City farm.

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