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The Danville/Boyle County Parks & Recreation Department was established to provide recreational activities for the community, to supervise development of new park land, and to maintain existing park facilities.

The Parks and Recreation Youth Sports Activity Programs have provided, over the past several years, an environment that is nurturing to the young person involved in team competition. The focus of "participation above competition" and "sportsmanship above championship" is clearly defined and placed at the core of each of our youth programs. The Parks and Recreation Department often times provides a voice, a venue and the vision for many young people in our community.

Knowing that each child's interest and ability vary among individuals. Each of our volunteer coaches, are expected to adhere to an atmosphere of meeting the needs of all youth participants. The maximum potential of each participant should be addressed as an attainable goal. This should never be measured in wins and losses.

The Parks and Recreation Department has embraced the concept of a positive sports environment for all of our area youth, no matter their financial, social or educational situation.

Millennium Park was completed in May of 1999, consists of approximately 126 acres, and is located off US Route 150 (Perryville Road). The Park has been divided into active and passive recreation areas with restrooms located in the main playground, softball, baseball, and football complexes. Millennium Park's exterior trail system length is 2.17 miles and its interior loop trail is 1.14 miles. Planning for the Park was overseen by a committee containing representatives from the Danville and Boyle County community, appointed by the City and County governments. What would be in the Park was decided after this committee gathered comments at public meetings, developed several options, and then refined the choices after further public hearings. Millennium Park was dedicated on July 14, 1999.

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