Joint Agencies

There are a few agencies that operate within the city along with the entire county. Instead of duplicating these services the City Commission and the County Fical Court have taken a jointly funded approach. This allows one agency to act on the behalf of the two governing bodies at a reduced cost to citizens. By removing redundancies in personnel adn equipment these agencies operate at a cheaper cost to both the City and the Fiscal Court.

Emergency Management
The Danville-Boyle County Emergency Management Agency (BCEM) is a unified local emergency mangement agency serving all county and city governments in Boyle County. BCEM was created and is maintained in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 39B and is jointly funded by Boyle County, the City of Danville, and the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management. Through our contacts with local government, schools, civic and volunteer organizations, local industry and health care providers, we are committed to providing for the health and safety of all Boyle County residents before, during, and after a major emergency or disaster.

Parks & Recreation
The Danville / Boyle County Parks & Recreation Department was established to provide recreational activities for the community, to supervise development of new park land, and to maintain existing park facilities. The Parks and Recreation Youth Sports Activity Programs have provided, over the past several years, an environment that is nurturing to the young person involved in team competition. The focus of "participation above competition" and "sportsmanship above championship" is clearly defined and placed at the core of each of our youth programs. The Parks and Recreation Department often times provides a voice, a venue and the vision for many young people in our community.

Planning & Zoning
The Danville-Boyle County Planning & Zoning Commission is responsible for the proper zoning and land use throught Danville and all of Boyle County. This commission under the authority of the City Commission and the Fiscal Court determine proper land use, change zoning for indivual properties, and issue permits required to start the building process. They also conduct inspections on new and existing properties to determine if all rules and regulations were followed during and after the building process.

Solid Waste & Recycling
Boyle County Solid Waste & Recycling provides information and resources to help citizens, property managers, and businesses dispose of solid waste and recycling properly. They also regulate how garbage and recycling is collected, stored, and disposed of. Additionally, our site has information and materials regarding garbage and recycling collection calendars, acceptable recyclables, and more, as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions. More information can be found on Boyle County Department of Solid Waste Management webpage. If you have questions about recycling, garbage disposal, garbage collection, please call (859) 238-1116.

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